Monday, August 4, 2008

Veven's Bday photos.

I was looking through photos, and i stumble across VeVen's Bday photos! Just remembering what fun times all of us had!
I miss them all so much! Especially my four girls, Ann, Wei, Tiff and Ven...

Here are a few weird and funny shots of our gr8 day!

Jun Kae holding on to his big 'umbrella' as me and Veven "admires" him from the side =D!

CY, Dex and KokYung doing GodKnowsWhat leaning on me and Wei's leg.... *titanic song plays.....*

The Couple of the Year before they turn into the OFFICIAL couple of the year! hahaha, i just love this picture!

Dush!!!! Wei showing he macho side....

My Girls =D all grown up HOHOHOOHHOHO!

Ann,Watashiwa,Ven and Wei !

Gosh i really miss all of em' so so super much! can't wait to hang out during sem break, hopefully they are free! Wheeee!
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