Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boh Tea Plantations =)

well welll well

Cameron Higlands was rather...

breathtaking !

And stomach-filling so to speak.

The whole three days i was there, was probably to EAT.

scones , strawberry jam, boh tea, honey, mushroom tempura, longan, manggis. steamboat, durians, organic corns, chocolate, strawberries and the list goes on and on....... and tea at every session in between, with SCONES.


And did i mention that the road to Cameron is SO NARROW that one slip would cause DISASTER to oneself.

And not to mention the traffic jam it'll cause to others.



Anyways here's where the KANCIL would come in HANDY! one slip off the road and it'll fly like a bird!!!!!
All you need to do now, is figure a way to land without crashing and dying, that's all =)

Besides the Fear Factor value to this trip, the view is BEW-TAY-FUH!

Especially from the tea house.

sighs.... =)

Anyway after one hour plus of fear factoring, we finally arrived at our hotel.

the view from the hotel wasn't too bad either =D

sighs... =D

So after having an hour of rest, it's time to travel again.....

On the first day we covered the WaterFall. Went there to look around.

then later at night we went steamboat!

and that's it! end of first day.



So on the second day, things get more interesting.

We went to the strawberry farm, cactus farm, bee farm, pasar malam farm....

all the farms la...

It's hard to describe how nice it was

click here......>>>>> www.milkybutter.blogspot.com

my cousin took all the fantastic pictures through his so-called D80 "SEMI-PRO CAMERA" .

speaking of which, thanks LENJIN for teaching me all your photography skills =D

here's one shot from the "semipro-NOT' camera.


speaking of photography, let me show you some of MY skillz


Not bad huh for a K77oi CYBERSHOT with 2Megapix!

Semipro phone camera WEI!

everyone: ....

Syok sendiri la tu!

HOHOHO! more updates coming right up!
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Monday, August 25, 2008


Now that you're done licking your elbows (or not), Sandy is going to update (like you guys don't ALREADY know) what has been going on last week =D.

Yes as you can see through the title, i assume that most of you would know what I'm talking about. RIGHT RIGHT????

The KL PAC art exhibition was rather disappointing, but thanks to


and definitely NO THANKS to DANIEL KHOO (who could have made it but didn't cause he was too LAZY)

for making it FUN !

Here are a few pictures from the gallery!

Hold your breathe and noses.......

Here's what looked like 'Rotting Flesh' to my 11-year-old-that-is-uneducated-about-the-twisted-ways-of-art-brother.
Or what I-CHING would call La Collage of a Fine artist.

Different people have different interpretation for the paintings i guess..

Kelly like the laces on the painting whereas Justin and Jun admires it in a slightly more different approach.

Like in a violent way.

which kept them laughing and entertained the whole time.

so scary ==""

Next two paintings are the lucky ones i've picked up amongst the BORING few.

These two are the ones i like best! No reason for liking. i just do =D


Orange cups.

Unfortunately i didn't take pictures of any of the gang. Cept in the KTM la.... but most of it are kinda blurry lar....

Besides, evryone seems to be rejected poor sandy!


Nuh! it was just TERRY NG that refuses to be taken =(

Terry-bly naughty.

OH WELL i'll get my chance next time =).

Next post would be CAMERON HIGLANDS>>!!!!! =D


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It is impossible to lick your elbow....!

You tried didn't you???!?!?


Ok i was bored. sue me! =D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holiday holiday holiday holiday.... WHEE!!!

Today is a THURSDAY. Need i remind you guys the day after tommorow is holiday???!?!??!!? WHEEEE!!!

3WEEKS. ><

However i've still so many stuff to complete. mmm.... will try my best in everything.

Meanwhile..... can't wait to see my lil furry siblings =D

Here's a picture of them, Adorable as EVER!


I can bite real hard.... GRRR.....

They're just too adorable for words... =D

How ironic that the smaller one is male, and the bigger one is a female?

Nikki and
(pardon the horrible name. He comes with the name UNFORTUNATELY)

Personally if i could rename them, i'll call them Calvin and Hobbes. Not that it make sense =D
Just LOVE THAT comic ><

They ALWAYS fight. Diamond will be jumping everywhere and the next thing you know , Nikki would be PAW-ING her with her "large" paws! LArge to Poor tiny Diamond =D

Sigh.... Miss them so much! can't wait to see them soon =D


Oh ya, if the Langkawi trip is still on, do contact me =D

See ya.
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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pictures tthat makes you say.... "Okay.... Right, i'll just leave now...." or "Sweat......"

From fourth place........

TERRY. nuff' said. =D

Third Place goes tooo....

Coloured Candies.... From Jonathan =D

Second Place goes too........

Hoodie GANG.

Aaron -" So Sweatifying...."

And first place goes toooooo...... *DRUM ROLLLLSSSSS**


Don't get it? join The One Academy situated right beside Sunway Pyramid. =)

i'll be waiting.
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Group Meeting Pictures.

Here are a few pictures of History meeting in Process....

rm5 for the renting of the classroom apparently.

Anyways, we did more chit-chatting then work, but hey, the job was delegated and done =D!!!!!

Don't know who took this but lookie! TERRY POUTING!

That's a FIRST ! hahahhahaahha!

Sandy- Terry, i got the water FIRST! *grabs water bottle defensively*

Terry- *POUTS*

Aww.... hahaha!

OF Course that incident was fictional. Don't know why she's pouting though. Must be all the stress =O

dunno who took this next picture either, but my guess is Terry.

Da Meeting...

What we DO in "Da Meeting". Magazine was not for entertainment. SERIOUS!

Da Aaron emo-ing *Bleeding Love Plays*

Aaron - I KEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP bleeeeeddinnnggg your LOVEEEEE.....

*Tricia Runs and Hides in fear*
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Class PIctures.

Last week was a rather rough week, have to COMPLETO ALL ASSIGNMENT!

Last Friday during Stephen's class, i brought my camera and took a few random pictures.

Which got deleted by my sister!

However to my surprise, i accidently DownLoaded it to my Cheahyau's comp.
Unfortunately, when i needed it for our group Journal, it's Missing, and when i found it, it was already too late.
Journal has been handed it... ==


oh well.

Luckily Se Lin came up with the "sketching" idea.

On the bright side, i got a few real good shots on that day!

Here's one with a lot of movement in it. I love it.

Lucas. With his long matrix-like coat and god-knows-whos sunglasses. =D
I like the effect that everybody was moving around and he's keeping still.

It's like matrix. =D

Next up let's take a look at my History of Art group , shall we?

Right to Left- Chun(?), Soh Lip (SOLID) Xiao Ching the Magnifico , Nick and Daniel da Balls...

From Right- Aaron Gatapia, Se Lin (group leader), Pauline and Joweeeeee...!!!!!

Terry Ng Wei Li was in our group too but UNFORTUNATELY the camera width was too small.... No worries, i'll include a personal photo of her in the next POST =D

Next picture is of a well known stalker from our group.


Relax, i was just kidding.

Taken from this angle though, Se Lin look like a innocent lil girl =D TRUST ME she's not all that! HOHOHOH! =D

Anyways that's all for this post. more pictures and updates coming right up!!!! =D
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Veven's Bday photos.

I was looking through photos, and i stumble across VeVen's Bday photos! Just remembering what fun times all of us had!
I miss them all so much! Especially my four girls, Ann, Wei, Tiff and Ven...

Here are a few weird and funny shots of our gr8 day!

Jun Kae holding on to his big 'umbrella' as me and Veven "admires" him from the side =D!

CY, Dex and KokYung doing GodKnowsWhat leaning on me and Wei's leg.... *titanic song plays.....*

The Couple of the Year before they turn into the OFFICIAL couple of the year! hahaha, i just love this picture!

Dush!!!! Wei showing he macho side....

My Girls =D all grown up HOHOHOOHHOHO!

Ann,Watashiwa,Ven and Wei !

Gosh i really miss all of em' so so super much! can't wait to hang out during sem break, hopefully they are free! Wheeee!
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