Saturday, August 9, 2008

Class PIctures.

Last week was a rather rough week, have to COMPLETO ALL ASSIGNMENT!

Last Friday during Stephen's class, i brought my camera and took a few random pictures.

Which got deleted by my sister!

However to my surprise, i accidently DownLoaded it to my Cheahyau's comp.
Unfortunately, when i needed it for our group Journal, it's Missing, and when i found it, it was already too late.
Journal has been handed it... ==


oh well.

Luckily Se Lin came up with the "sketching" idea.

On the bright side, i got a few real good shots on that day!

Here's one with a lot of movement in it. I love it.

Lucas. With his long matrix-like coat and god-knows-whos sunglasses. =D
I like the effect that everybody was moving around and he's keeping still.

It's like matrix. =D

Next up let's take a look at my History of Art group , shall we?

Right to Left- Chun(?), Soh Lip (SOLID) Xiao Ching the Magnifico , Nick and Daniel da Balls...

From Right- Aaron Gatapia, Se Lin (group leader), Pauline and Joweeeeee...!!!!!

Terry Ng Wei Li was in our group too but UNFORTUNATELY the camera width was too small.... No worries, i'll include a personal photo of her in the next POST =D

Next picture is of a well known stalker from our group.


Relax, i was just kidding.

Taken from this angle though, Se Lin look like a innocent lil girl =D TRUST ME she's not all that! HOHOHOH! =D

Anyways that's all for this post. more pictures and updates coming right up!!!! =D
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