Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Movies Galore.

I've been watching a lot of movies due to the fact that i was dragged,cajoled , asked and invited by friends around me. Also due to the fact that i have too much free time at hand.

Slumdog Millionaire(4.5out of 5 stars.)
It's the new era's Shakespeare sonnet, played into a movie, that speaks of love and tragedy.
Although there are some parts where the characters appears to not fit in(how could someone who does not learn English suddenly knows how to do so, ,perfected with an accent?) the whole movie was all in all a new breathe of fresh air. I like how the movie started out, though it could've ended on a more convincing note(The ending was too corny.). It's also an eye-opener to the lives of people living in slum areas of India, and brushes lightly on how religion,power and greed turns humanity into animals. 

The Reader(3.5 out of 5 stars)
This is something rather different from your usual cup of romance. I'm not sure whether it's played in cinema's due to it's "obscene" amount of sex scenes which lasted few second of in-betweens (or more). The starting of the movie is actually rather confusing, but story unravels as the plot thickens. All in all i thought this is a good movie if one loves the mystery of figuring out what is it about. If you love Benjamin Button, i've no doubt that you would scoop and swallow this movie like you would a sundae on a hot day. The only problem is having the patience to sit down and watch it. And the other problem is having knowing enough to figure what the hell they are talking about.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button( 3.5 out of 5 stars)
What makes this movie so wonderful, is the fact that it's so believable. Cate blanchett and Brad Pitt's acting blows life into the characters, which was of course, made more believable with special effects.
It's whimsical, heart-jarring and depressing.
It's the kind of movie which picks on your nostalgia.
Then again, it's the kind of movie where you wouldn't want to watch again.
It's a reallyyyy slooowwwwwww movie.

Make It Happen(2 out of 5 stars)
Unfotunately this movie falls short of creativity, emotions and substance. The plot is predictable and the dance routine is not exactly mind-blowing. It's too much like a combination of Step-Up and Coyote Ugly . The idea of small town girl making it big in city is too overrated till it's a bore.
rated two stars for effort.

Talentime(4 out of 5 stars)
This movie is a great movie for locals by local (Yasmin Ahmad). Unfortunately the ending falls short off course and it's very "the-potong-steamlah". It manages to depict malaysians in an artistic way and like Slumdog Millionaire, touches lightly on racial issues and the difference between values and fortunes. It's a mixture of melancholy and humour.Certain scenes will hit home. Highly recommended.This is the kind of movie that you'll want to watch again. However, some of the acting are dramatic to the point of embarassment. A good plot with a great twist.

Son of Rambow.(4 out of 5 stars)
A sweet comedy. It's jsut great =) highly recommended. A rascal who's a bully and an innocent, religious young boy against the whole world. great plot and sweet ending.

Mall Cop.(2 out of 5)
Funny. lame. lame. funny. not hilarious unfortunately. It's a bit sad really. I liked the lead actor from "Big Jim" alot. dissapointing.

Yes Man(4 out of 5 stars)
Jim Carrey is the best! THis is a great movie for a good laugh.

Highly recommended-
-Son of Rambow
-Slumdog Millionaire

that's about it. there's more, but i'm lazy =)

A walk to remember with M and D.

I spy with my little eye from a swing in the garden...

and i saw... wait a minute, what's that???

Is that my PARENTS on the seesaw?

MY parents?

Hell yeah. =D




Nikki the moving barking brown rug.
Shows great potential in becoming the next Tyra Banks.

Mom showing some leg.

Walking the dawggies.


Actually it's a Pug. 
It's as small as a... welll... it's small.

Two cats spitting at each other, so into it till they didn't even notice me.

That's all for the photo dump.

One last thing though =)

Happy birthday to King Zen who's turning old(er).


I think. =P

May you look like this forever =)

Hey, it's cute! haha!

Happy birthday!! =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lord of the Flies...zzz.....

I was googling ....
(Yes i google alot. i google all kinds of bullcrap. that includes twilight reviews of the book. it was HILARIOUS. and yes, i despise the book. *vomitts bloodduh*

...about movie reviews on Lord of the Flies. 

 Fun fact- i think that it's LITERATURE in United States for eigth graders? Like how Phantom of the Opera is literature for us here.

ANYWAYS, as i was saying, i stumbled across this incredulous review on the movie.

And here it is...

It sounded like a recipe for vulgarity, if not outright disaster: Take William Golding's 1954 novel about a group of British schoolboys who descend into savagery when stranded on an uninhabited island and do a contemporary American update. The first surprise is that it works at all (This sounds like a mock compliment. it's like saying, i'm surprised you're even born.).  The second surprise is that it works better than Peter Brook's 1963 English version did.

Brook's film, shot in black and white, had a rocky, ascetic plainness. Here, the English director Harry Hook (The Kitchen Toto) goes in the opposite direction: His island is an orgy of lush, towering greenery rendered in a swift yet luxurious hyperrealist camera style. For a while, the movie is stilted and unconvincing (in reaching the island, none of the prepubescent kids even cries). But then the drama begins to settle in.

From the outset, these rock-'em, sock-'em American kids are far cockier — more casually amoral — than Golding's genteel British schoolboys were. They're closer to their ids to begin with (even if they do resemble the junior division of the Dead Poets Society). The solid, ingenuous Ralph (Balthazar Getty) now seems a bit of a stiff. He's right to want to keep the signal fire going, yet it's easy to see why the wild, irresponsible Jack (Chris Furrh, in a charged performance) commands respect. He's a strutting young narcissist, a party animal. Who needs adults when you have pigs to kill?

If Golding's novel about the Beast Within Us All remains a schoolroom perennial, that's probably because it's the first book most of us encounter that makes symbolism seem fun. Beneath all the pigheaded allegory, it's a damn good story, a yarn. Yet when you read it in the eighth grade, it also made you feel like an adult.

The symbolism is still too literary to translate well to the screen. Much of it seems hokey and anachronistic too — especially the business with the conch and the entire character of Piggy (Danuel Pipoly), who comes off here as a big, blobby crybaby and hardly the representative voice of reason. Still, as staged by Hook, the story retains much of its fairy-tale power. As a novel, Lord of the Flies never was much more than a Brat Pack Heart of Darkness. It's doubtful a screen version could be any better than this one.

Okay, granted he did not gave an outright ol' bashing-and-a-spit to it. But he did sounded like he was close to cussing, and giving an expectantly loud rah rah on how much time he has wasted, before damning it to hell.. If this doesn't sound like a disgruntled, unsatisfied movie-goer, i don't know what is.

And guess what he rated the movie?


like what the heavens-lordily-cushions-above is wrong with you?! Do you have issues man?

Talk about suppressed anger.

i wouldn't want him to rate my film. He'd probably scare all the reviewers away before they could even  reach the rating @_@/ by then, it won't even matter if it's rated as A+++.

PS- LORD OF THE FLIES, is a wicked movie. Okay, maybe not WICKED wicked, but it IS pretty interesting. . =) watch it.  If you don't like it? well you could always opt to bitch about this reviewer. =D

BTW i've JUST finished watching Son of Rambow! Great Brit Movie. =D WICKED.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


WARNING - Things written below might cause one to regurgitate and expectorate sticky mass of smelly energy substance due to severe allergy reactions caused by the wastage of the amount of valuable time in processing redundant information. Bloggers and viewers alike please be cautioned.

1. What's Ann Yee to you?
Ann Yee? Pfft, she's nothing to me except my bestie that holds all my deepest, darkest secrets.

2. What is Hsu Ann's favorite TV show or movie?
This girl rarely tunes in to the idiot box. Which is cool! but AsianFoodChannel should be it. Or anything that contains action, comedy and sporty stuff. This is one fit Laedeh!

3. If Veven and Wei Wei teamed up, what would they most likely accomplish?
God i Love this question! If they team up, they could probably conquer the world! Or sit down and break the Guiness World Records for world's longest length of time for bullshitting~! Or eat all the ice-creams in the universe, then run around in circles from all the sugar-rush =D

or then again, maybe they'll just accomplish staring at each other in wonder and amusement.

4. How do your and Justin De Souza's talents add up?
We use to ber-drama together-gather. YA THINK?

5. Oh no, Mandy got kidnapped by aliens! What do you say once they get back?
"Here are her clothes, toothbrush and pajamas! Anything else you need? "
(UH, who's getting back again? =D)

6. What's your fondest memory of Hui Ling?
Everything. From digging worms and scooping tadpoles, to chasing grasshoppers and climbing trees. You name it! Fondest? Prolly Sleepovers =)

7. Do you love Wei Wei?
Love her? PAH! I am generally her personal Stalker! i adore her from the bottom of whatever is left of my tiny heart. =) But i am more infatuated with her Furry Shih Tzu! ><

8. Does CY have any pets?
Not that i know of. (Besides, who needs pets when you have younger siblings >=) hehehe.)
Does a mangy stray dog counts? and plenty of fishes!

9. What would you do without Joe?
Be depressed and suicidal. She's sunshine on a rainy day!

10. What's Kah Vern to you?
A replacement of a pet =D

Interested in putting up this random MeMe? Just click >>>

I like the ending message. It's time for me to do something productive now. Adieu!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Aaronninny-kins.. (hereth he shalt henceforth be known)

aaron says:

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:
hey girl

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:

aaron says:

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:
how are you holidays my sugarpiehoneybuns?

aaron says:

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:

aaron says:
are you high or something

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:
=D well that's catchy

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:

aaron says:
oh no wait this is your usual self

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:
aaronninny-kins aaronninny-kins

aaron says:
shut up sandywandy

I'm a Doodlin' (L) (Word of the day EXPECTORATE- to discharge matter from throat or lung) says:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And they say college life was easier...

My first meme mommy!

I'm over-excited for next sem =D!


I'm going to make a list of to-do things right here and right now.

Sandy's All-talk TO-DO list. ( It's not all talk. i will fullfill MOST of it. at least 8/10..  i think.)

1- Finish my parent's portrait. (and the picture frame!!oh crap,  that makes two pointers.)

1 1/2- Picture frraaammeee... with hearts and flowers on it.... (*Grumbles*)

2- Go to the beach (I've been ranting on and on about this... now how do i get there again?)
    (Know what? scratch this. it's not even IMPORTANT.... but it is... REJUVENATING.)
    (It's important.)

3- Catch up on EXERCISING. De-tox lar!

4- Wake up EARLY everyday.  BY EIGHT A.M!!!!! (Trying to change my nocturnal nature....)

5- Attend driving seminars. Period. 
( I shall call Mrs.Chin. I shall call MRs.chin I shall Call mrs Chin. I shall make myself go thourgh five to eight hateful hours of lecture. i shall call MRs Chin or die trying and i shall stop ranting on and on......           )

6- GEt a part-time job!

7- Catch up with all my buddies from the mountain and below.

8- Practise, practise, practise. practise on my "skills". Set a target, um a BOOKFUL of life sketches. and Um and... and my parent's portrait. for now la ok. =D

I think that's about it....


9- I will take photos what i've been doing on semester break and update my dying blog! 

is that it?? that's wayyyy to short.


10- Get guitar lessons.

But first, i need to get a guitar.

11- Save money from part-time job FOR guitar.


That oughta wrap it up =)!

Maybe next i'll post my Bucket List.

List of to-dos before i kick the bucket =DD!

Btw, any other suggestions on how to spend the hols??!??!?! ANYONE?

Sandy Passssseeed!


now where's my ice-cream people? =)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sandifer the fallen...

Hello everyone!

I have done the impossible.
I have doomed myself in every way possible.
I have caused devastation to occur in my world, and it was earth-shattering...

i have failed my undang test.

by ONE mark.

I shall never look down on theory examination ever again.
Thou shlat suffereth the consequenseth of thye last minuteth practice.
And thou shal payeth fiftieth riggiteth thyself.

Do not weep for me my friends... for i shall venture once again into the deep abyss of the twisted ways of UNDANG-UNDANG.

And i shall conquer it with vengance!!! RAWRRRR!!

ps- if i fail this week, i shall belanja every person i met within this week an ice-cream, SO THERE!

(omigawd... i better pass weh)


YOU have to belanja ME ice-cream!!! mwahahhahahahhaha~!

by the way people, my test is this wednesday. wish me luck =)

-------never again shall i practise on a morning of a test >< -----------