Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm going to make a list of to-do things right here and right now.

Sandy's All-talk TO-DO list. ( It's not all talk. i will fullfill MOST of it. at least 8/10..  i think.)

1- Finish my parent's portrait. (and the picture frame!!oh crap,  that makes two pointers.)

1 1/2- Picture frraaammeee... with hearts and flowers on it.... (*Grumbles*)

2- Go to the beach (I've been ranting on and on about this... now how do i get there again?)
    (Know what? scratch this. it's not even IMPORTANT.... but it is... REJUVENATING.)
    (It's important.)

3- Catch up on EXERCISING. De-tox lar!

4- Wake up EARLY everyday.  BY EIGHT A.M!!!!! (Trying to change my nocturnal nature....)

5- Attend driving seminars. Period. 
( I shall call Mrs.Chin. I shall call MRs.chin I shall Call mrs Chin. I shall make myself go thourgh five to eight hateful hours of lecture. i shall call MRs Chin or die trying and i shall stop ranting on and on......           )

6- GEt a part-time job!

7- Catch up with all my buddies from the mountain and below.

8- Practise, practise, practise. practise on my "skills". Set a target, um a BOOKFUL of life sketches. and Um and... and my parent's portrait. for now la ok. =D

I think that's about it....


9- I will take photos what i've been doing on semester break and update my dying blog! 

is that it?? that's wayyyy to short.


10- Get guitar lessons.

But first, i need to get a guitar.

11- Save money from part-time job FOR guitar.


That oughta wrap it up =)!

Maybe next i'll post my Bucket List.

List of to-dos before i kick the bucket =DD!

Btw, any other suggestions on how to spend the hols??!??!?! ANYONE?

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