Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lumut Lumut here i come!!!

In two hours time, my ass will be doing a lil road trip to lumut, for family vacation. =)
I have miraculously done four assignments per se in a day in order to go for this trip.

Nonetheless, its not like it's an option for me NOT to go. Her Motherness will, with all due respect, skewer me with hot tobasco sauce if I so much as mentioned that I could not go due to my "overwhelming truck loads of assignments "(Which i dearly paid for when i procrastinated all those weeks back XD)

Thank you Kwok Lun for graciously helping me out with... *cough*assignments*cough*=)!

Anyway, those who wish to reach me can do so through my mobile number, of course. For the record, i'll be going for hot springs and sandy beaches, so yes, envy me people. XD I'll update you guys when i get back on the 19th!

Grats to Jeremy Ooi! Cicak getting married =) And Ivy the Clown as well (engaged).

in the meantime, Au Revoir =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sandy's Fun Day!

SuperLargeFamilyPhoto =)

My last Teen birthday! XD

Too bad half the people i invited couldn't show up since it was a "school" night.


but it's ok, the other half made it awesome for me. =)

First of all, i would like to apologize for the lack of activities, i know it's all just Makan jer, but the point of my birthday is to mingle mingle with the singles >=) !

Anyway, i promise i'll make my 21st a blast and it'll be open to everyone, with permission from my parents of course. XD

Lim Aun Hoong has did me the honour of blogging about my birthday and thankfully decided to be my unofficial photographer (which was made official by me XD) after being there awhile, and fooling around with his new dslr =).

Check it out guys, here's his blog.

And here's the list of people who showed up =)

Hoong (But of course XD)
Sheryl Wong
Nelson Teon
Hsu Ann
David Sia
Kenneth Tan
James Ng
Ann Yee - aka MU
Wei Woei- aka the monkey
Dexter Lee
Yap Jun Kae
Tommi Choo
Jonathan Siow
Hui Fen
Lim Jun Yuen - Extremely sorry for forgetting XD
Fui Yee and Wilson!

Thanks guys! Y'all have made my party a blast. =)

And at the very last of minutes...

NG VE VEN!!!! XD Thanks girl, for just coming over and wishing me =)

I would like to personally thank Alex Teo for showing up (after saying he evidently won't XD), even when he stays all the way in Cheras in a hostel that closes at TEN PM. It was indeed a very nice surprise!!
Thank you dear ! =)

I guess the only person missing all this is Tiffany Goh =/ Wish you weren't in London, and instead here with all of us!

Thanks to all my three Aunts for showing up like they always do for all our birthdays =)
Aunt Germaine, 1st Aunt and 3rd Aunt!
And to my 8yo and 6yo niece and nephew, Victoria and Will =)

and my cousins, Yen Yen and Len Jin, whom by now, is a big giant! XD

Lastly above all things, MOM AND DAD! Especially to my Mom, for organizing it for me. =)

My sister couldn't show up because she's in Ukraine on an exchange, but she called me right after twelve, and wished me a happy birthday ALL THE WAY FROM UKRAINE. Thanks sis, you know i love you =) Bet your bills are sky high XD.

And now, for the Photo Dump!


"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart."
- Kathleen Grove

Thursday, December 3, 2009

For traitors on the block should die;
I am no traitor, no, not I!
My faithfulness stands fast and so,
Towards the block I shall not go!
Nor make one step, as you shall see;
Christ in Thy Mercy, save Thou me!
-Margaret Pole (née Plantagenet), 8th Countess of Salisbury (14 August 1473 – 27 May 1541) before her execution


All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality - the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.
Walter Bagehot


How do you obtain that, when you're beyond repairable damage, when what you feel is more like an empty casket brimming with decomposing memories of no sustenance.
Yet the stench so strong it wears on your clothes years and years after it's over.

If we could highlight the files containing old memories subjected to a state of redundancy... except to cause you the occasional heartache and a sense of sickening nostalgia that you do not want, nor need.
and you could suppress it all, crunch it up like the trash it is.
And toss it all away.

Would it be worthy to lose a part of your identity for it?

To have stepped in front of you, and realize I never known you at all, rather to go through repetitive state of torment?

I'd dare say it would.

Once again, ignorance is indeed the biggest bliss of all.