Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lumut Lumut here i come!!!

In two hours time, my ass will be doing a lil road trip to lumut, for family vacation. =)
I have miraculously done four assignments per se in a day in order to go for this trip.

Nonetheless, its not like it's an option for me NOT to go. Her Motherness will, with all due respect, skewer me with hot tobasco sauce if I so much as mentioned that I could not go due to my "overwhelming truck loads of assignments "(Which i dearly paid for when i procrastinated all those weeks back XD)

Thank you Kwok Lun for graciously helping me out with... *cough*assignments*cough*=)!

Anyway, those who wish to reach me can do so through my mobile number, of course. For the record, i'll be going for hot springs and sandy beaches, so yes, envy me people. XD I'll update you guys when i get back on the 19th!

Grats to Jeremy Ooi! Cicak getting married =) And Ivy the Clown as well (engaged).

in the meantime, Au Revoir =)

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