Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pictures from Taiwan tripp!

Upon arrival at the Taiwan International Airport, the ladies in the group decides to take a group picture.

Or more specifically, we were "dragged" by MOM to take our first picture.

Huddling together for warmth from the freezing temperatures of taiwan!
It's winter there at that time =)
Myself/Mom/Ee-Ee/Xi Xuan(sleeping baby) Xi ying(Lil Girl)/ G-Kim/Gramma/
Hao Jie(boy with goofy smile)

Here's a picture BEFORE we flew to taiwan.

Yeap. As you can see, i was bloody exhausted from
staying up all night doing my workshop assignments and sending
them to Victor and Johnny and Chea Wen =) thanks guys!!

Here are a few random shots i took from the streets...


Here's a sight you don't see everyday! =D  Carrying gas on motorbikes.
I wouldn't mess with this guy.
He could cause much damage if he crashed... nuff' said!

Another random shot of the city view from a bystander view.
This guy was obviously rushing off.
Wonder why? =)

View from the bus, a pink thing speeding by.
And lo behold, i manage to capture it's image with my 'semi-pro k700i fon camera'
My lil cousins were all gawking at it =)

I couldn't include all the pictures due to the limited space in this silly blog.

However, upon my visitation of this foregin land called taiwan, i've summed it all up to multiple things.

Taiwan = ChowTauFu+Night Markets+ Dogs+ Tallest-Building-in-the-world-for-now + Japanese food craze + Fancy Skyscrapers+ Super-long-drama-that-takes-forever-to-end.

And yes, taiwan is like a mini japan. They are CRAZY about jap food.
And karaoke.

If you want a show that NEVER ends, and i mean NEVER, always opt for taiwanese hokkien drama. Why? because you get to watch the baby in the show grows up, wear diapers, go to pre-school, high school, college, get married, get betrayed, cry and eventually died of some sort of scandal as his/her wife or husband cheated on him/her... then the company get takes over by some bastard Sonovab*tch which gets a heart attack and dies as well.
in fact, you might soon began to build an emotional bond that a mother would have to a kid.
 Except of course,technically speaking the baby doesn't actually exist in your life .

Who said you have to be a mother to experience the joy of giving birth?

Ok, back to the pictures.

First stop upon arrival is no other then the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial building.

First president of Taiwan.

CHeck out the size of the entrance. And that's not even the door to the building.

Here's the view FROM THE FRONT of the MEMORIAL HALL.
And yes, the "entrance" on the first picture is the same as the semi-middle 'building' in this picture.

The whole buidling has three floors, and there was a photo exhibition running, talking bout the origins of hokkien people.
During the olden days, hokkien and hakka are super enemies.
And they practically will kill each other if they see each other.
That of course, only happens in china.

Together with the pictures. i've enclosed the photographer and the date/title. So if you guys wanna look it up, you can. =)

Photo by-Chiu Teh-Yun

This one has a pretty interesting title. 
Everybody having a good time, just by sitting on rocks and walls, chatting away with glee!

Thirsty/Miaoli City
Photo by- Luo Han-Chang.

I thought the title for this picture is brilliant! 
Thirst for candies. Contradictory statement. 
It brings out the kid's expression.

Tug of War/ Miaoli City 1970
Photo by- Chen Yun-Chin

Simple games that brings out the competitive spirit in kids.
The "line" is a row of slippers. Creative.

This is one of my favourites. Unfortunately i forget to note down the title.
It shows a group of village kids having fun with TIRES, creating a game by rolling it to compete who can roll it faster. Who needs PSP when you have TIRES?

Girl selling Noodles/ Nei-Wen, Hsinchu 1964
Photo by -Yeh Tsai

My dad said that during his childhood times, travelling from kl to ipoh would take forever, sometimes days. This is due to the many stops, to load passengers from everywhere.During this stops, there will be people at the station carrying a tray(just like the girl in the picture) filled with nasi lemak and mee goreng (on plates), selling them to the passengers on board. They would walk in the train and yell out "NASII LEMAKKKK, MEEE GOREENNNGGGG"
And just as the train is taking off, the 'train-steward(ess)' would jump off like troupe of expert gymnast... 

Taking care of pigs and kids/Nei-pu, Pingtung 1967
Photo by- Lee Hsiu-yun.

Food for pigs, pram for kids. Women are multi-taskers.
Love the pram.

photo by- Fan yuan-yu

This bring back more fond memories of my own childhood. =)
Having a small bucket of water, and being small enough to squeeze into it!

Herding Young Duckling/HungJiWan, Miaoli City.
Photo by-Hsieh Chi-ji

This was the main photo for the whole exhibition, talking about the hard work of hokkien people, that even a child at such tender years did not escape the everyday chores in the village.
Children were trained from young to help their parents.

Sweet Native Child/Guanshan, Taitung 1967
Photo by-Liu Yuan-li.

This shot is so natural, filled with oblivous smiles at the innocence of a child.

Finally, the statue of a kid whispering to his granny.
Touching ^^.

ps- there are more statues, but this one caught my eye the most!

This vid is at the memorial hall of one of the greatest emporer in taiwan. They constantly have soldiers guarind it 24/7 without moving from the post. In this vid, we can witness the exchanging of guards from their post. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just got back from Taiwan, and I'm currently residing in Macau, Aunt's place.

Pictures are unavailable at the moment due to the lack of technological resource eg. wires and stuff.

Holidays have the tendency to drag you into a pit of laziness... let me sit at one place and i stay seated (which would probably be great cause it'll induce my flat arse to grow bigger=D ) or it'll make my already large tummy grow larger, and by the look of it probably would explode within a few days.

Is it ever possible to be more "pregnant" than nine months?

Visited the tallest tower(for now) in the world!!! Taiwan 101 with it hundred-and-one floors. Cost 47 yuan each for adults (AND YES I'M AN ADULT SO THERE!) and 37 for kids (?). Went up on a lift that travels 1010 miles per minute (they have something bout 1 and 0's...).

The view was ala magnifico =)

it's like taking a look out of an airplane. All the cars are teeny tiny and the buildings, the size of a fingernail(?)

Did a lot of shopping and smell alot of chao tau fuh(literal translation as SMELLY TOFU).. ewwwwww....

Taiwan reminds me of a miniature Japan. Quite a lot of restaurants have that Japanese influence and Takoyaki AND Doriyaki is one of their famous to-past-the-time snacks!

Night markets rule there. Dogs are second in command. They even sit on scooters... SCOOTERS i tell ya. Imagine that!

Right now I'm just feeling down for no reason.

Miss my last week of sem.. miss my classmates.

Miss taking my bloody class picture.

Worse of all.. miss all my final presentations.

And due one figure which i didn't pass up and probably will drag my already low marks lower.

I think.

I don't want to not fail, i want to pass with a good grade.

Guess it's not gonna happen this sem.


Just hoping i pass without OTP-ing At All..


"Nobody said it was easy
Nobody said it would be this hard
I'm going back to the start."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Doomsday to Me!

That's geeky me and my Combo-Size Prussian White delicious Cake-o!

My birthday has the tendency to end in a series of Bad Luck like "A Series Of Unfortunate Events." 

'Cept that mine's A Series of Unfortunate Birthdays.

Take my 15th birthday,  had to work as a clown, had fever, AND lost my BRAND NEW PHONE (birthday present) down the drain. Nice.

However, it's my friends that turn my frown upside down , making me eager to celebrate another (horrifying) birthday =).

          SOE CHEA WEN the Hiao Poh was first to greet me!!! HUGGLESSSSS!!! Thanks honey!

'cept she greet me like A DAY EARLIER. HAHA!

She tried to TRICK me and said she was OUTSIDE my house! CILAKA!

luckily i'm smart enough to not go out and see HPMPH! HAHA!
But thanks a lot honey! =D you're la besto!

Second to greet me, 

                                                            Alexo Teoh Cheah Yau-o!

Sang me the birthday song through phone! AWWWW . He was half an hour early =) 

After twelve (ding dong)

ps- Where's MANDY? In AIESEC CAMP. FOrgotten bout me bday *waillss* 

The best part was, it's exactly at 00:oo hours they greet me. Dad still got his spunk on ya!

   (although i bet she saved it in her phone HAHA, most ppl do that!)

3) Leow Zi Liang! Right after i ask him what day is it! cheh! haha No la, he really remembers =)       THANKS A LOT LOT LOT LOT LOTTTT! HUGGGSSS!!!!

4) YAM WOEI WEI!!!!LAME-O MONKEY!!!!! THANKS !! YOU KNOW I LOvE YOU!  We'll             definitely meet up soonnnnn!!


That's all for the ppl who greet me the earliest of the earliest hehehheheheh!

Updates soon. TOday i've got TWO EXAMS, ONE PRESENTATION and A WHOLE LOTTA ASSIGNMENTS to finish!


Friday, December 5, 2008

the hardest part....

Thanks for being such a big part of my life, my better half(or worse) at times switching roles =). Providing the shelter i need from a rainy day, for caring so much more than others.

Thanks for the tolerance you gave when i wield by sharp words onto you. For the countless times when i laugh and you laugh, and times when tears well up in my eyes and you sat beside me, not knowing what to do but listen.

Thanks for the countless stunts you pull to make me laugh. For being that standing ground i need when my world is spinning faster then it already is.

I don't know what I've done to deserve you. But with each waking moment, i thank god I've met you at least once in my life...

For everything.

I will always love you.