Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just got back from Taiwan, and I'm currently residing in Macau, Aunt's place.

Pictures are unavailable at the moment due to the lack of technological resource eg. wires and stuff.

Holidays have the tendency to drag you into a pit of laziness... let me sit at one place and i stay seated (which would probably be great cause it'll induce my flat arse to grow bigger=D ) or it'll make my already large tummy grow larger, and by the look of it probably would explode within a few days.

Is it ever possible to be more "pregnant" than nine months?

Visited the tallest tower(for now) in the world!!! Taiwan 101 with it hundred-and-one floors. Cost 47 yuan each for adults (AND YES I'M AN ADULT SO THERE!) and 37 for kids (?). Went up on a lift that travels 1010 miles per minute (they have something bout 1 and 0's...).

The view was ala magnifico =)

it's like taking a look out of an airplane. All the cars are teeny tiny and the buildings, the size of a fingernail(?)

Did a lot of shopping and smell alot of chao tau fuh(literal translation as SMELLY TOFU).. ewwwwww....

Taiwan reminds me of a miniature Japan. Quite a lot of restaurants have that Japanese influence and Takoyaki AND Doriyaki is one of their famous to-past-the-time snacks!

Night markets rule there. Dogs are second in command. They even sit on scooters... SCOOTERS i tell ya. Imagine that!

Right now I'm just feeling down for no reason.

Miss my last week of sem.. miss my classmates.

Miss taking my bloody class picture.

Worse of all.. miss all my final presentations.

And due one figure which i didn't pass up and probably will drag my already low marks lower.

I think.

I don't want to not fail, i want to pass with a good grade.

Guess it's not gonna happen this sem.


Just hoping i pass without OTP-ing At All..


"Nobody said it was easy
Nobody said it would be this hard
I'm going back to the start."

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w.e.n. said...

woman! finally you come back laa?? hahah~ awww just came back and already feeling down? teruk laa you~ hahah no laaaa~ c'mere huggies! that would definitely make you feel better~ chea wen maaaaaa~ no worries, there're loads more end-of-sems to come... so cheer up! have lots and lotsa fun in camp tomorrow owhkayyy! =D luv ya girl =)