Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The VERY RANDOM blogging.

A thought just occured to me as i was chewing some kiwi fruit.

'Damn, i've got tons of work, and an upcoming exam which is THIS THURSDAY! '

*Sandy bangs head on her Dell XP laptop repeatedly.*

Eventhough i realise everyone is going through the same thing in my school, some how i feel so... so......


I feel i'm beginning to float away, slowly but surely, as my mind turn it's direction from logical thinking to something more twisted and inane.

Fact is, i do so adore this picture. Gotta admit the guy got guts putting on makeup and skirt!
Quote-Imagination? think again.

Since i'm already going insane, i'll post other people going insane as well.
For example, my dearest friend Hsu Ann.

Sandy..... Sandy.... i'm gonna gobble you up............

Glad i don't see her in my dreams. Amen.

Here's something more adorable to look at...

TADAH! Lil boy's imagination!

A mosquito just bit me! OUCH! *scratch itchy area irritatedly.*

speaking of RANDOM, i just wanna imply that the word RANDOM is overly used and ABUSED in several horrific ways! Save the randoms!
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Making use of the free sunway annual pass... =D

Enclose here is my FIRST charcoal drawing!!!!!


Not bad aye for an amateur who draws shits. =D
Shouldn't have folded the paper though, kinda spoil it =/ haha!

Still in the subject matter of "happy things", here are also some pictures from our one day spontaneuos trip to SUNWAY LagOOn!

Initially things were quite a hassle, as there were some problems with the processing of our TOA carDs!

Like WHAT?!?

"We're V.I.P you know"- Jovin

*rolls eyes*

Then there was the LOCKER complication. Had to stuff my poor BEAUTIFUL army Nike to squeeze in with Jonathan UGLY, BROWN plain Nike >=D. Poor nike *strokes nike lovingly*..

Speaking of JONATHAN , guess what is his quote for the day?

Me: Is the ride wet? cause i got my handphone and stuff with me LAH.

Jonathan: No lah.... Leeeetlllleeee biiiitttt weettt ONLY!!!!!!!! *indications of little with fingers*


We went on a roller coaster, and some other rides...

And guess what i saw? NAKED MEN ==""""

I'm scarred for life.

Kevin and Jovin and the row of half-NAKED INDIAN MEN!

*sings song* one lettle, two leetle , three naked indians....

I'm betting their from India big time.

Here's Kevin and Jovin with his i-so-macho(NOT!) look.

The next picture might be too horrifying for little children....


Group pic. =D

And here's the result after our last ride! SOAKING WET!

REmember what Jonathan said?

"Just a leetleeeeee biiiittttt weettttt only!"

Had fun though =D

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YUMMMEHHH!!!!! Didn't know asian avenue's little restaurants could have such good food!
Last Thursday JonJon,Wen,Claris and myself went to eat there at the afternoon. =D
The desert was fantastic!
We had BALLS for desert.
Big ones.
There's honeydew BALLS and watermelon BALLS.

And Chia Wen kept on laughing when she ate one. The balls are slippery so she couldn't bite it!
And she laughed harder seeing me TRYING to eat one.
Clarissa enjoyed her spaghetti and Jonjon had some soy Balls.
Haha but not the restaurant is not called Balls. (unfortunately,it would have made quite a name!)
Ironically the whole restaurant is in PINK! Even the waitress!
We ate at a gay shop.

Clarissa-WATASHIWA-CHeaWen-Jonathan =D

I just LOVE jonathan's face in this shot! =D

The shadow bunny!
Props by Clarissa(her plate of spaghetti)
Directed by CheaWen
Hands by Sandy
Shot taken by Sandy =D
Jonathan as Bystander-who-pretends-he-doesn't-know-us.

After ours empty stomachs are filled. we went and had a game of basket-BALL !
Whew what a ballish day!!! =D

ps-this post is rated Pg-13 as there are over-usage and abuse of the word BALLS. please do not read if you're 13 under or if you have no balls.......

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Nowadays my mood is Yoyo-ing around the assignments. Found some of my old emo drawings.Enjoy =D

The Face-less

This was posted in Friendster. =P


I just find this picture adorable =D

Sandy yoyo-ing back to her assignment. GOD WHYYYYY DOOO YOUUU TORTUREEE ME SOOOO???!?!?!?
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Sunday, July 20, 2008


As i mention previously, hot statues with great looking bod =D


The Thinker =) ring a bell?

Some of the huge statues in class! David's head is bigger then the chair!

Forgotten this dude's name. Some greek god with horns =D

Lastly Feiyan measuring the size of the statue's penis.

Guess how long it was?

Two inches.

All the statues are based on originals from the Renaissance era which is pretty interesting.
Another note is that all the statues have (apparently) eleven-year-old privies cause that was the 'in' image at that time!

INteresting no?

Now you can go forth and boast your knowledge of statues to others! WHEEEEEE!
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Exam Time!!!!!!

Since i finished my 'art-piece' earlier then others, i went around trying to 'steal' people's skills by photographing! WOOT!
If that's possible i would have been the modern Rembrandt already. =="

Here are a few randomly chosen pictures of my beloved classmate =D.

Jonathan and Christina and a candid shot of our lecturer Lip WeI!!!
(maybe i can take more of his candid shots so i can blackmail him into giving me better grades...)

Tricia la Magnifico! Too bad she's camera shy! *peeks from beneath board*

One of the gods in our class, YVONNE! =D

And here's Chea Wen with a goofy look on her face.. DOOHhhhHHhh!

For figure studies we have moved to another studio which is so cool cause the studio have naked men all over! *drools*

Unfortunately the naked men are all statues *groans*.

Will be posting pics off the studio next time!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008


The result of one hour plan of work! Colours goes from red to purple, and repeats while adding white and black.

I-Ching says DESIGN THE 'WHEEL'! HEre's what i think my affair with colours looks like.

Well at least i'm over and done with it =D Super punky dude with clown hair! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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Memory Lane-HIGH SCHOOL.

I was browsing through some of the old photographs taken after graduation day. Here's three in particular i find really amusing =D. You can tell what happens next yourself.



Rodney cries out "OOHHHHHHMFG!!!!"

Don't worry guys, Rodney survived the catastrophy without any broken bones. However, he must have hit his head and went queer.

Here's why i think he hit his head.


disclaimer;- all written above are purely FICTIONAL and Rodney did not hit his head, neither is he gay! =D

Ps-the picture CY is holding would be my sketch of Tokyo bustling city!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008




Mandy LOVES to EAT, here she is, eyeing the tiramisu-in-a-jar! D'lish!

Mandy has a lot of admirers!! But Mandy still dreams of her True Love's Kiss.... =D

SOrry guys, Mandy ain't single!! HOHOHOHOO! Here's Me, Mandy and Ryan at Halo's Cafe. CHeerios!
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HEre's a photo of me before my 'dramatic' transformation of chopping my hair short!


gosh i'm never gonna chop my hair off ever again.
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Ze master's sketch.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Bore-doom prevails.

Ze sandy starts ze blog =D. Amazing no?