Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exam Time!!!!!!

Since i finished my 'art-piece' earlier then others, i went around trying to 'steal' people's skills by photographing! WOOT!
If that's possible i would have been the modern Rembrandt already. =="

Here are a few randomly chosen pictures of my beloved classmate =D.

Jonathan and Christina and a candid shot of our lecturer Lip WeI!!!
(maybe i can take more of his candid shots so i can blackmail him into giving me better grades...)

Tricia la Magnifico! Too bad she's camera shy! *peeks from beneath board*

One of the gods in our class, YVONNE! =D

And here's Chea Wen with a goofy look on her face.. DOOHhhhHHhh!

For figure studies we have moved to another studio which is so cool cause the studio have naked men all over! *drools*

Unfortunately the naked men are all statues *groans*.

Will be posting pics off the studio next time!

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