Sunday, July 27, 2008

YUMMMEHHH!!!!! Didn't know asian avenue's little restaurants could have such good food!
Last Thursday JonJon,Wen,Claris and myself went to eat there at the afternoon. =D
The desert was fantastic!
We had BALLS for desert.
Big ones.
There's honeydew BALLS and watermelon BALLS.

And Chia Wen kept on laughing when she ate one. The balls are slippery so she couldn't bite it!
And she laughed harder seeing me TRYING to eat one.
Clarissa enjoyed her spaghetti and Jonjon had some soy Balls.
Haha but not the restaurant is not called Balls. (unfortunately,it would have made quite a name!)
Ironically the whole restaurant is in PINK! Even the waitress!
We ate at a gay shop.

Clarissa-WATASHIWA-CHeaWen-Jonathan =D

I just LOVE jonathan's face in this shot! =D

The shadow bunny!
Props by Clarissa(her plate of spaghetti)
Directed by CheaWen
Hands by Sandy
Shot taken by Sandy =D
Jonathan as Bystander-who-pretends-he-doesn't-know-us.

After ours empty stomachs are filled. we went and had a game of basket-BALL !
Whew what a ballish day!!! =D

ps-this post is rated Pg-13 as there are over-usage and abuse of the word BALLS. please do not read if you're 13 under or if you have no balls.......

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