Sunday, July 20, 2008


As i mention previously, hot statues with great looking bod =D


The Thinker =) ring a bell?

Some of the huge statues in class! David's head is bigger then the chair!

Forgotten this dude's name. Some greek god with horns =D

Lastly Feiyan measuring the size of the statue's penis.

Guess how long it was?

Two inches.

All the statues are based on originals from the Renaissance era which is pretty interesting.
Another note is that all the statues have (apparently) eleven-year-old privies cause that was the 'in' image at that time!

INteresting no?

Now you can go forth and boast your knowledge of statues to others! WHEEEEEE!
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Wee Kiat said...

2 inch dick? omg. so sad...