Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The VERY RANDOM blogging.

A thought just occured to me as i was chewing some kiwi fruit.

'Damn, i've got tons of work, and an upcoming exam which is THIS THURSDAY! '

*Sandy bangs head on her Dell XP laptop repeatedly.*

Eventhough i realise everyone is going through the same thing in my school, some how i feel so... so......


I feel i'm beginning to float away, slowly but surely, as my mind turn it's direction from logical thinking to something more twisted and inane.

Fact is, i do so adore this picture. Gotta admit the guy got guts putting on makeup and skirt!
Quote-Imagination? think again.

Since i'm already going insane, i'll post other people going insane as well.
For example, my dearest friend Hsu Ann.

Sandy..... Sandy.... i'm gonna gobble you up............

Glad i don't see her in my dreams. Amen.

Here's something more adorable to look at...

TADAH! Lil boy's imagination!

A mosquito just bit me! OUCH! *scratch itchy area irritatedly.*

speaking of RANDOM, i just wanna imply that the word RANDOM is overly used and ABUSED in several horrific ways! Save the randoms!
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