Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A walk to remember with M and D.

I spy with my little eye from a swing in the garden...

and i saw... wait a minute, what's that???

Is that my PARENTS on the seesaw?

MY parents?

Hell yeah. =D




Nikki the moving barking brown rug.
Shows great potential in becoming the next Tyra Banks.

Mom showing some leg.

Walking the dawggies.


Actually it's a Pug. 
It's as small as a... welll... it's small.

Two cats spitting at each other, so into it till they didn't even notice me.

That's all for the photo dump.

One last thing though =)

Happy birthday to King Zen who's turning old(er).


I think. =P

May you look like this forever =)

Hey, it's cute! haha!

Happy birthday!! =)

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