Thursday, April 23, 2009


WARNING - Things written below might cause one to regurgitate and expectorate sticky mass of smelly energy substance due to severe allergy reactions caused by the wastage of the amount of valuable time in processing redundant information. Bloggers and viewers alike please be cautioned.

1. What's Ann Yee to you?
Ann Yee? Pfft, she's nothing to me except my bestie that holds all my deepest, darkest secrets.

2. What is Hsu Ann's favorite TV show or movie?
This girl rarely tunes in to the idiot box. Which is cool! but AsianFoodChannel should be it. Or anything that contains action, comedy and sporty stuff. This is one fit Laedeh!

3. If Veven and Wei Wei teamed up, what would they most likely accomplish?
God i Love this question! If they team up, they could probably conquer the world! Or sit down and break the Guiness World Records for world's longest length of time for bullshitting~! Or eat all the ice-creams in the universe, then run around in circles from all the sugar-rush =D

or then again, maybe they'll just accomplish staring at each other in wonder and amusement.

4. How do your and Justin De Souza's talents add up?
We use to ber-drama together-gather. YA THINK?

5. Oh no, Mandy got kidnapped by aliens! What do you say once they get back?
"Here are her clothes, toothbrush and pajamas! Anything else you need? "
(UH, who's getting back again? =D)

6. What's your fondest memory of Hui Ling?
Everything. From digging worms and scooping tadpoles, to chasing grasshoppers and climbing trees. You name it! Fondest? Prolly Sleepovers =)

7. Do you love Wei Wei?
Love her? PAH! I am generally her personal Stalker! i adore her from the bottom of whatever is left of my tiny heart. =) But i am more infatuated with her Furry Shih Tzu! ><

8. Does CY have any pets?
Not that i know of. (Besides, who needs pets when you have younger siblings >=) hehehe.)
Does a mangy stray dog counts? and plenty of fishes!

9. What would you do without Joe?
Be depressed and suicidal. She's sunshine on a rainy day!

10. What's Kah Vern to you?
A replacement of a pet =D

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I like the ending message. It's time for me to do something productive now. Adieu!

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