Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holiday holiday holiday holiday.... WHEE!!!

Today is a THURSDAY. Need i remind you guys the day after tommorow is holiday???!?!??!!? WHEEEE!!!

3WEEKS. ><

However i've still so many stuff to complete. mmm.... will try my best in everything.

Meanwhile..... can't wait to see my lil furry siblings =D

Here's a picture of them, Adorable as EVER!


I can bite real hard.... GRRR.....

They're just too adorable for words... =D

How ironic that the smaller one is male, and the bigger one is a female?

Nikki and
(pardon the horrible name. He comes with the name UNFORTUNATELY)

Personally if i could rename them, i'll call them Calvin and Hobbes. Not that it make sense =D
Just LOVE THAT comic ><

They ALWAYS fight. Diamond will be jumping everywhere and the next thing you know , Nikki would be PAW-ING her with her "large" paws! LArge to Poor tiny Diamond =D

Sigh.... Miss them so much! can't wait to see them soon =D


Oh ya, if the Langkawi trip is still on, do contact me =D

See ya.
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