Saturday, August 9, 2008

Group Meeting Pictures.

Here are a few pictures of History meeting in Process....

rm5 for the renting of the classroom apparently.

Anyways, we did more chit-chatting then work, but hey, the job was delegated and done =D!!!!!

Don't know who took this but lookie! TERRY POUTING!

That's a FIRST ! hahahhahaahha!

Sandy- Terry, i got the water FIRST! *grabs water bottle defensively*

Terry- *POUTS*

Aww.... hahaha!

OF Course that incident was fictional. Don't know why she's pouting though. Must be all the stress =O

dunno who took this next picture either, but my guess is Terry.

Da Meeting...

What we DO in "Da Meeting". Magazine was not for entertainment. SERIOUS!

Da Aaron emo-ing *Bleeding Love Plays*

Aaron - I KEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP bleeeeeddinnnggg your LOVEEEEE.....

*Tricia Runs and Hides in fear*
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