Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boh Tea Plantations =)

well welll well

Cameron Higlands was rather...

breathtaking !

And stomach-filling so to speak.

The whole three days i was there, was probably to EAT.

scones , strawberry jam, boh tea, honey, mushroom tempura, longan, manggis. steamboat, durians, organic corns, chocolate, strawberries and the list goes on and on....... and tea at every session in between, with SCONES.


And did i mention that the road to Cameron is SO NARROW that one slip would cause DISASTER to oneself.

And not to mention the traffic jam it'll cause to others.



Anyways here's where the KANCIL would come in HANDY! one slip off the road and it'll fly like a bird!!!!!
All you need to do now, is figure a way to land without crashing and dying, that's all =)

Besides the Fear Factor value to this trip, the view is BEW-TAY-FUH!

Especially from the tea house.

sighs.... =)

Anyway after one hour plus of fear factoring, we finally arrived at our hotel.

the view from the hotel wasn't too bad either =D

sighs... =D

So after having an hour of rest, it's time to travel again.....

On the first day we covered the WaterFall. Went there to look around.

then later at night we went steamboat!

and that's it! end of first day.



So on the second day, things get more interesting.

We went to the strawberry farm, cactus farm, bee farm, pasar malam farm....

all the farms la...

It's hard to describe how nice it was

click here......>>>>> www.milkybutter.blogspot.com

my cousin took all the fantastic pictures through his so-called D80 "SEMI-PRO CAMERA" .

speaking of which, thanks LENJIN for teaching me all your photography skills =D

here's one shot from the "semipro-NOT' camera.


speaking of photography, let me show you some of MY skillz


Not bad huh for a K77oi CYBERSHOT with 2Megapix!

Semipro phone camera WEI!

everyone: ....

Syok sendiri la tu!

HOHOHO! more updates coming right up!
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