Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to slow down.

Don't know if i have the strength to do this anymore.

Don't know if i have the strength to move on.

Don't know what i'm doing here anymore.

Decisions to make, people to meet, places to go, things to do...

When does it all come to and end.

When is the director gonna yell CUT. 


When is life gonna start waiting for you to catch up?

the answer is never.

time waits for no man .

Not even for a girl who's lost once again in the twisted crossroads of the stony pavements in her life.

Not even for a fallen angel, whose regrets wouldn't turn back time.

Time is cruel, time is heartless. Time pushes you forward, pulls you through it's tide, whether you're willing or not.

Time makes people forget, time makes people regret.

The past.

Look forward 

to the Future.

Time is never present when you wants it most, drags you along when you wants it least.


Because time teaches us lessons... Appreciate what you have.

For time is all you've got to waste. =)

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