Thursday, November 20, 2008

Candid Shots from Melaka Assignment TRIPO!

The Bus load filled with people, Owh yeah CD085-1 RAWKIN THE HOUSE YO!


UNfortunately, we couldn't take the whole lot. There are group pictures of course, i reckoned someone in class must've took it =)

Anyways proceeding on to more candid shots.

The Fat and the Blur.

Yeaps. This proves i need to go on a diet, reallllll bad. Haha! bad angle. shoot!

The next picture is OBVVIOUSLY the most AWESOME of the LOT.

Kevin's PRICELESS expression, and Ivan's INFAMOUS look of sleepiness. Durh!

Did i said this picture is PRICELESS?!??!! HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

Last but not least.

Me and Jun!

But that's not the Candid Part... Look closely, there at the BACKKK..

Yes good, i think you're getting it?




yeah you got it alright.

if you stil don't *sighs* (gives up)

jo and feiYan doing uh.... a lil bit of lovin?


Not to mention a small Chea Wen digging her nose.


Don't kill me people. I've only got this one life to live! =)

ps- I did post my chubby pict! FAIR AND SQUARE MWAHHAHAHAH!

i think i have more candid pictures... mwahhaha will post more up soon. Searching searching *whistles in a good mood*

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