Thursday, November 20, 2008

Say Ahh to Bubba Gumps.


Say AHHHH to scrumptious Shrimps and sizzling fried garlic breads, downed with a glass of fresh, cooling, Lemonade.

One word only.


Yes i notice i'm getting much much chubbier ><
but the temptation of delicious food is just tooooo hard to resist!
How can you be a pure malaysian, without having pure love for Food?

this proves my nationality wey!

Bubbba Gump is situated at the road between Cineplex and The Curve. Plenty of restaurants decorates the sidewalks, and romantic music filled the air, mingling with the delicioous taste of the cooling night air, as the streets are filled with people's loud, excited chattering and the smell of food and spices, bringing on a vacation mood to the bustling scene.

Dinner was on Jonathan Siow! THANK YOU! =DD

There were all kinds of shrimp, from the small, common ones we ate to deep fry palm-size shrimp.

The best part is they're all FRESH and ready to be eaten. =D

The decorations are pretty cool. they have this fancy board in red and blue.

The red says "Stop Forrest Stop" and the blue one says "Run Forrest Run"

Pretty cool!! If you flip over to Stop Forrest Stop, a waiter will immediately arrive at your table, flip the board over, and take your order/

They place everything into a bucket( like those you bring when you go fishing), TObasco sauce, Cilli, Tomato, Pepper and etc.

And they have a basket full of Luxury biscuits, complimentary to take as much as you want.

Finally a little bit of camwhoring before we left with our stomach's bloated up to our necks =D

Ps- The food is rather expensive actually, but it's really a pretty awesome place for a once-in-super-blue-moon dining experience!

Till then See ya!

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