Saturday, November 8, 2008



wouldn't you agree emotions are a bad thing to have? wouldn't you agree life is constantly unsatisfactory..? filled with ups and downs, one moment you are flying high up in the air, the next you're being forced down into the deep abyss of darkness.

At the point of your life when you think you've got it all, a missing piece arise. a broken part, gone. Shattered.

it makes you wonder in admiration, how Adolf Hitler did it all. Emotionless.

It makes you wonder, how great it would be to be cold, cruel and heartless. To not feel mental pain that is ten times worse then the physical one.

A slap may hurt your face, but that depends on the preson who slapped you.

And if that person, is one of your very love ones, the pain wouldn't be from the phsical action, but rather from the mental bashing.

wouldn't you agree?

if only we love and love and never hurt. =)

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w.e.n. said...

i'm through with my emo shit and i'm back! =p
"~i love you too much to make you stay~"
if there are no emotions, beautiful songs like this wouldn't exist.
then cheawen cannot say this anymore lo?
see...its awesome to have emotions. =)
yeah if not you won't sayang me anymore lo?! cannot!!! >.<"

awww babe...whatever you're going through, i'm with ya aite.
luv ya mmumuah~
=) =) =)