Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plain Jane.

this world is built to worship the beautiful
i wish i'm as pretty, as the people i see.
for when i look at the mirror, and i see me
that's plain jane me, just plain jane me.

I wish i am pretty, so strong and graceful
i wish i had elegance and my clothes were tasteful
but when i look at the mirror all i see
is plain jane me, oh plain jane me

I wish my skin were as fair as a petal
And my hair flows like the breezy wind.
And i had a a crown so full of glory
That bad hair day don't happen on me.

But i'm just a person with ordinary days
I'm exceptionally plain in extraordinary ways.
My bad hair days outnumbered my good
And my face always looking like it took the boot.

People tell me i'm pretty, i tell them i'm not
Because they so often forgot,
they too feel ugly as often as i
And that feeling grew as time passed by.

We all have that spawn we try to hide
A demonic concerto we try and fight
But in honesty, pretty is hard to be
So I'm perfectly please, to be plain jane me.

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