Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Four Seasons.

Don't know why and when i wrote this, but it was in high school quite awhile back. Posted in on Friendster, and re-posting it here.
Enjoy! =)

Four Seasons

Spring comes into view

So pretty, fresh and clean

From dripping dews of early dawn

To birds singing gaily

As animal woke up one by one

To greet the dearly missed great sun

Its spring time again;

But let’s not forget summer please

After spring passed in a breeze

Before the autumn had begun

The summer shines beneath the sun

The beaches open day to night

Indeed a very pretty sight

As children play Indians all day

In the middle of hot, cheery May

As days of spring began to flew

And autumn came into the view

The pretty little trees

All dressed in their colored leaves

A striking yellow, brown and red,

That Mother Nature had create

Her dainty fingers work them down

As they fall on to the ground

And crackle as people walk upon

The path that had been adorn

By the falling leaves of autumn trees

White covered the pretty trees

And turn them bare

As little flakes float down with ease

And settle on the doorstep

A unique pattern in each snowflake

That is of course if you take

The time to observe

The peaceful scenery of silent winter

And the purring of the heater

Toads under stones

A resting

Till spring arise again.

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