Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mirror mirror.

“Mirror, Mirror, heart of black, Can you see the things I lack?”
“I suffer silent, still and cold; Thinking of things of old.”
“Blood runs deep and I must confess, Only then can I find a semblance of happiness,”
“Blood soaked hands I must hide, With the monster I keep inside,”
“Mirror, Mirror, Can’t you see? What this reflection does to me?”
“Fire burn and ashes pile, How did I become so Vile?”
“For now I know a truth so rough, This will never be enough,”
“Blood flowed deep and ashes fly high, I will never reach the sky…”
"Heavens gates wont open for me,”
“Oh, Mirror, Mirror can’t you see; What this reflection does to me?”

-Something i found on Ann's blog-


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