Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello heartache, you can suck it.

Dear loyal readers, non-loyal reader, passerby, accidental clickers, and friends alike.

Yesterday i had perhaps, one of the many gloomy days of my life.

Not that my everyday is plastered in grey and black of course.

And it got me thinking how alone we are in this world when we're down. How much gloom can suck us into dusty cracks of the old life so fast, that your head's left spinning upon impact.

How a mere glance, and small encouraging word and a the touch of a true friend can change all that.

It's funny cause at the point when you thought you ARE alone, and you go over that self-pity routine, mop around in your pink fluffy room and post in on your hypocritical blog and BAM it hits you that there's a squillion of others out there worse off then you.

But of course, Africa's starving, and Pandas in China are crying themselves to extinction. Why'd you think they've blacks around the eyes. And then we have the ultimate global warming that's slowly sinking earth into another cold yogurt of mess at different poles and frying them at others.

Thank the ol G.W for your skin problems sweety.

And you think, HECK, I HAVE PROBLEMS?

yeah, i goddamnwell do. So do every single fudging entity or being on earth.

So i need to suck it up, and stop harbouring on past fudgeups =)

and Tommorow WILL be a better day.

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watevafic said...

The hard part of heartache aint sucking it up and keeping it in. The true hard part is to be able to trust and confess to the people around you that you truly have problems and have them listen to you. Lighten up, things will get better. You start on the path to happiness when you learn to rely on the people around you.