Tuesday, April 13, 2010


People around me tells me courage is to stand up for things you want, to go out and speak in public, to rebel and advocate for associations and pro bono work.

Articles tell me that courage stands for men willing to risk their lives in a battle for the lives of others, women that had triumphed the odds in every sense, Athletes running around the world as representatives for a cause and children who runs into burning shacks to save their younger siblings.

All those are very much courageous; true to word.

But the first time i learn about courage is from a book by Enid Blyton.
It takes courage to admit insecurities.
It takes courage to believe that things are possible
It takes courage to be yourself.
It takes courage to admit that you are lonely.
And finally, it takes courage to go through each and every day standing true to your values, and what makes you, well... You.

Courage don't have to be large and acknowledge by a bunch of overeager crowd of fans.
Courage starts small, and is that quiet voice, telling you is OK to feel the way you do, when the whole world gives you the stink eye.

And finally, courage is that small voice telling you, tomorrow I'll try again.

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