Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing an intoxicated Milk =)

Dear Susu Yang Busuk.

Thanks for making this world a much much better place!

What would i do without you? =D

Yes, Hsu Ann's almost drunk. =)

Love love love you girl! HUGGLES!


annkhor said...

EH!! when was that video taken??? i dont remember it at all... omg.. the itchy down there was damn zha dao.. suddenly showing me scratching my legs not the.. *toot!*

annkhor said...

hahaha.. btw, u surprised me. suddenly seeing so many pictures of me in your blog. thanks babe! I love u too... =D

Kingston Datatraveler said...

didn't think you would see my unknown blog weh! =) glad you love it. hehehe

annkhor said...

How can i not love it dear?? haha.. that video was from perhentian issit?