Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I feel despondent.
i feel dejected,doleful.
I feel like sometimes, i'm fighting a losing battle, an endless altercation.
Feel like maybe, it's not a fight at all.
Cause i'm at the losing corner.
cause i don't know what i'm up against, or what i'm fighting for.
Am i really such a person, so careless, so mindless and so.... blithe in everything i do?
Cause right now i've given up on trying to validate anything.
cause right now the it hurts to much to try.
And i've lost all my vigor.
Right now a big part of my dignity is ripped into pieces.
It'll take awhile to patch it up again.
But no worries, cause eventually, everything will be alright.



w.e.n. said...

Don't question yourself. If you don't wanna be a careless mindless fella, then don't. Take control of yourself. Change if you must. It might take time but eventually it will happen if you let it. Have faith. And don't sigh. It shortens your life by 5 mins every time you do. ;)

annkhor said...

darling... what's going on? yeah, all u have to do is to practise mindfulness. According to my brother who used to be blur, it helps u know. =) try that ;) I'm sure u'll improve tremendously after that.

Just remember,

Never give up.

Susu busuk

Kingston Datatraveler said...

the helll! mind your head full! haha!