Thursday, January 7, 2010

Traces of you.

Did spring cleaning for my room today, and found traces of high school everywhere, from books to magazines. Can't help noticing how much of our lives are wired together, tangled in a web dusty year books that preserved our memories for good. Hardly surprising, considering the fact that we are sisters after all. Though many would have beg to differ at our clashing characteristics in every way. But to say that me and her are like fire and water would be incorrect. True to life, we do not compliment each other at all. But unlike fire and water, when pushed together, we can make quite a inferno team.

Maybe it's cause our weaknesses were slapped onto each other faces so blatantly and unwillingly we learn to work around each other or maybe it's cause we simply know too much of what makes us tick, hence pushing out the better bits.

Or maybe it's simply cause we know too much.

Perhaps, it would be more spot on to say we're more like oil and water, able to mix, but better off separated. After all, what can you do with water mixed with oil?

You know how it's like when you try to wash off all the slimy oil from that dish?
I'm still looking for the right detergeant.

Because no matter how hard i scrub, it won't go away.

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