Friday, January 22, 2010

Aome Ann-ish Quotes, just for fun =D

When you're down, look inside yourself. Find your inspiration and motivation.
When you're down, look around yourself. Find the people in your life who have supported you all this while.

Then finally, ask yourself. Why after being blessed with all these and yet you are not happy.

No other things in life will matter more than how you live your life. Seek not the path that will take you no where but despair but instead find the way that will inspire you and push you forward in life.
Looking back won't change what is already done but looking forward can change that which has not yet been done.

thang says:
i gues like it or not watever ppl around say will affect u in some way
some more n some less tats allso in the end u gotta look into urself n do d thing tat u feel is most right regardless of hu u r dealing with.

And from her collections of quotations.

"And what shall we pray for those who have lost, Not sight of the goal, But sight of the cost? Many a finish, Many an end, For enemy, for lover, For betrayer, for friend

Prayers may not change things for you but it may change you for things.

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