Saturday, November 6, 2010

3000 miles to a U turn.

Once again, i'm in a bitch mood.

I simple DO NOT UNDERSTAND girls sometimes.
albeit being one, for what, twenty years.

Don't tell me that you don't really want something, and turns out that in the end, you really did want it, lament and whine about to another person bout how terrible of a person i am to not offer you, which i clearly did, not that you listen, and then only to have it bite me back in the arse for a thing that i clearly did offer you.

For the last time, i do not friggin read your rat-assed minds.

If you do want to whine, friggin tell it to my face. geez. it's really that easy!

you've known me for TEN YEARS.

isn't it time to stop pretending to be all that i-is-shy-to-use-your-stuff hogwash?

Besides, if you really did want it, you wouldn't have drag your heavy bum all over the place and hop to the web to find out about it.

that's all. i'm done ranting.

fudging world.