Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Mini GirlsNightOut. =)

Since Veven already describe it in short and precise notes how our night went, i'll just go ahead and paste her version here =)

Veven's Version
let's see...
- we went to a japanese restaurant with terrible services!
- we tabao chicken wing since vr still hungry.
- went back to ven's hs
- open a bottle of wine
- K ditch us and ran away wif dex
- S and V did chased after dex's peugeot. but failed.
- S and V fight over the last piece of chicken wing.
- watch a low budget horror movie (actress sucks)
- finished a bottle of wine
- continue with vodka
- finish half bottle of vodka in 30mins (time recorded by V's dad)
- A was really drunk.
- S asisted A to bed.
- A fell off the bed, knocked her head to a glass and broke V's f-ing bedside table no.1 , she laughed n hit V's boobs. =.=
- V puked!
- again S asisted V to bed.
- lights off!!
- S started runing around the room in the dark while A and V were sleeping.
- S puked! (spotted by V's dad n sista)
- S went back to the room continue running around in the dark...
- S felt tired and went to bed after running too much.
- S fell off the bed and knock her head on V's bedside table no. 2!!
- S went back up the bed.
- after a while, S fell down from the bed AGAIN!
- S fed up of getting up, so she slept on the floor.
- V realise that S starting to make some sort of noise on the floor.
- V saw S making love wif a booster.
- about 3am++, V woke up thanx to "S and A the sisters kicker". Somehow, S was on the bed not on the floor.
- V start snaping pics of S and A. (go hav a look, u'll be amaze!!)
- V somehow manage to get back to bed.
- V accidentally woke A at bout 5am.
- V and A then laughed and woke S.
- A, S and V starting gossiping and talking bad bout K and T!!
- A puked! FINALLY!
- A, S and V continued talking bad bout K and T until 10am.
* thats basically everything!* =P
PS- I DID NOT PUKE! no i did not! i would remember if i DID!!!
i did not!

Will upload pictures next post! =)

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