Monday, June 22, 2009


Time is a very objective matter.
To say that one has no time , in my opinion is total BullSht.
It's a matter of how badly you want something.
It's a matter of how much a part of yourself you're willing to give for something to thrive.
It's about having enough love, passion,dedication and sacrifice.

Then again sometimes the matter is pretty subjective.
Like no matter how much time you've wasted to change a person's character it won't change, unless that person wants and welcomes the change.
Or how much time you spend wasting on someone who won't love you back.
Or sometimes, how much time you spend trying to find a miracle cure to all of life's unfairness and misery,
Or even wishing for a love one to come back to life.

You only have time if you're alive and living on earth right?


Time= Amount of LIFE TIME
No Time= No lifetime

So you're pretty much dead then.

If one's so obsessed about making use of all the time one has on earth, one will probably accumulate enough stress to have die young. Might as well smoke ten packets of ciggarettes a day me thinks.

So stop waiting to come alive. Start now.

Quit The One Academy.

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