Friday, May 8, 2009

Poem. =3

I wrote this when i was in form two i think.
Found it in one of my homemade "school diary".

Well here goes nothing.

Tear off the clouds, and you'll see the sun
Tear off your worries and the day begin.
Mend and heal the wound inside,
Laugh and wave your worries aside,

Perhaps the world will deem brighter
And the sun will shine today.
The rain and tears a dust of the past
The sorrow fades away.

Slowly, a path will open
And hope will rise within
Slowly the stab will turn into a sting
And dissolve into a dull ache.

The aching heart will start to mend.
And soon, none but a scar.
To remind you of a battle of rage.
The bloodied wear of war.

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