Saturday, September 20, 2008


"Stupid sandy doing stupid stuff with her stupid blog again"

Now she wanna show you some SKIN wor.

Skin number 1 - A "tattoo" i got from Ministry Of Sound. Btw this stuff cost me RM50 *wails*

And i was underdressed, "overweight" and definitely too tired.

Who goes cluBBing when they feel like that HUH ?!?!?!

I do!

Anyways i put on my SNEAKERS and my white BOXER-LIKE pants and a COLLARED T-SHIRT.

The silver lining was, no one stared at me when i entered.


Plus i've got a free cup of vodka!

Double Yay!

Didn't know vodka is sweet... vodka virgin. Woooooo....

So there we were, myself and Hsu Ann her bunch of friends

And the drinks was served.

Hsu Ann chose the gin while i took vodka.

And there i was sipping thinking "HEy, this ain't too bad!"

and also thinking.

HAH! who says vodka makes people drunk easy hurh???

And i did the smartest thing possibly by gulping the whole thing in the matter or mere seconds.

So there i was looking smug with my "yay i conquered vodka" face.

That's when i step down from the chair, and nearly trip over my own toes...

Dizzy but still sober =).


i told ya!

yay sandy rocks!

But the 'funnest' part wasn't the clubbing really. Dancing was fun.

The 'funnest' part was sleeping in the club!


the musics in the club is just so.... *faints* zzZZZzZZzzzzzz

it lullabies me to an abyss of black dreams.

Euphoria was however, pretty well decorated and rather fancy.

They have this small little cushion chairs that look like potties (little kid's toilet bowls)

And tables that can change lights every second....blur green red yellow wheeeee!

and their club are seperated into three floors. The main one playing techno music, second floor more like a lounge to relax and the third is where i had my sleep. The RnB Section. nice place to ZzZZzZzZ.

Unfortunately, when you sleep in clubs, people think you have a problem.

Every few minutes, a new watchman will watch over the disco-ers. And EVERY FEW MINUTES i'll be poke by one.

Watchman-(pokes at sleeping sandy) Are You OK??

Sandy- *groggily wakes up* Hurhhhh..?? (looks around blurrily then stares up at the large looming figure)

Yeah i'm fine..

Watchman- You sure?

Sandy- Ya....

Few minutes later

Watchman2- *shouts loudly into my ear* HELLO MISS HELLOOOOO!!! *taps my shoulder*

Sandy- *wakes up again* Looks around blurrily and stares up at large looming figure* hurhhhhh?! Ya ya ya..... *sleeps back*

FEw minutes later..

Watchman3(ah mo lang)- *taps shoulder* You Sleeping???

Sandy- *wake up feeling really iritated this time* yaaaaa....

Watchman3- It's a friday! *gives a HUGE GRIN*


Of course i know it's a friggin friday! that's why i'm sleeping GAWD! Can't they liimmmeeee alloonnneeeeee *waillllsss*

By that time i couldn't geet back to sleep cause Hsu Ann and her Friends were done dancing.


Thanks Hsu Ann for letting me 'die' on your bed for a day while you sleep on the couch. haha!

Here's the result of hardcore clubbing.

A "SMOOVE" bruise on the hand, and an insurance card for you to pay more money for nothing. yay!

The card's a membership BTW. And the smoove is a chop lar.

MOving on to the next show of SKIN WHEEE!!!

This show of skin might make you said EWWWWW.

Enough yapping. Let the picture speak for itself....

The HOrroR!

Me sistah's attractive injury! Her nail died(ed) and she went and cut off the dead parts..... Fascinating....

ya i know how you feel.


Proceeding to the next show of skin 3!!!!!

This show of skin is so OBSCENE, so UNREAL, so FASCINATING and SCARY at the same time!


my brother's leg...

On your RIGHT would be MY FOOT and on the LEFT as you can see is My BROTHER's FOOT!

It's as large as mine!!!



Now i can wear my brother's hand-me-down shoes..... sobs!

i shall advice my mom to buy my bro nice nike shoes... HOHOHO!

his hands are also as big as mine.

he's ELEVEN. Geez.

However he's still shorter then me..


I still can bullly him. better take advantage of that before time runs out.


Next is not a show of skin, But an occuring and passing scene of what my sis and me witnessed on the huge LDP highway, on our way home.

Mat Rempit Sederhana. (Rempiting in secrecy and moderation)

So cool right? can try it out next time. IF we're lucky we'll break a leg! night night!
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